Monday, April 17, 2017

Painting of Brigham Young in St. George Home

Painting of Brigham Young, which hangs in the annex building of the Brigham Young Home in St. George, Utah. I like how the portrait depicts the reddish quality of his hair, which our tour guide affirmed to be historically accurate:

Toothpick sculptures I made

Fish Lmap Instructions

My sister owns a cool fish lamp:

It has useful instructions to help you stay safe:

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My Mom as a Young Girl

Three great pictures of my mother, Mary Carolyn Van Tussenbroek Brooks, as a young girl (click on each photo to enlarge it):

Picture for the Deseret News for Valentines Day (Staged). Carolyn Van Tussenbroek and Nathan Winters. Approximately 8.5 years old, 1945. Probably De Soto Street in Salt Lake City.

Lafayette School, Salt Lake City, Utah, 16 April 1946. School picture. Carolyn was 9 years old.

Carolyn Van Tussenbroek and Nathan Winters, Winter. Carolyn Van Tussenbroek and Nathan Winters. Probably kindergarten, 1942?.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Samuel and Carolyn Brooks Portrait

This portrait was given to me by my friend Saige Millsap, who is an art teacher, a few weeks after my father passed away:

Church College of Hawaii (BYU) 1950s folder (Laie)

This is the front and back of an old school folder from the Church College of Hawaii in Laie, now known as BYU Hawaii. The inside of the folder has a copyright date of 1953.

(Click on each photo to enlarge it.)

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Brooks Family History: These Are a Few of My Favorite Links

1999 Tim and Karin Brooks Wedding Day by Jeff Roberts
1999-10-05 Tim and Karin's Wedding Day
1999-10-16 Tim and Karin's Wedding Reception

2002 Christmas
2002 Emily's Birth video by Uncle Nate
2002 02 and 03 Brooks family videos
2002-05-25 Grace eating at Redwood Road apartment home #83
2002-05-26 Memorial Day at Salt Lake City Cemetery
2002-05-27 and 06 at Redwood Road apartment home
2002 06 Disneyland trip
2002-06-23 to 11-08 Brooks family snippets
2002-11-11 Emily's birth
2002-11-28 Beehive House tour with relatives

2003 Brooks Family Christmas
2003 01 to 06 Family snippets
2003 07 to 11 Brooks family videos
2003 11 and 12 Brooks family videos

2004-01-22 and 02-16 Emily snippets
2004-02-29 to 04-15 Brooks family snippets
2004-04-21 to 07-07 Brooks Family snippets
2004 Christmas
2004 Silent collage
2004-10-27 Brooks family video

2005 Christmas
2005 02 and 03 Silent collage
2005-02-10 Grace and Emily
2005-03-05 Grace's Birthday Party
2005 04 Disneyland Trip
2005 08-03 to 10-24 Brooks Family Snippets
2005-11-05 Jeff and Claudia's wedding in Draper
2005-11-10 Emily's birthday at Chuck E Cheese
2005-11-28 Grace and Emily and Zoe
2005 Pelican Slide Show

2006 I Like to Move It Move It
2006 Silent Collage
2006-02-16 Snow
2006 03 Disneyland Trip
2006 03 28 Molly ultrasound
2006 04 to 11 Brooks family movies
2006 12 Brooks family videos

2007 Christmas silent collage
2007 Price is Right (edited)
2007 Silent collage
2007 01 and 02 Family Snippets
2007 03 Grace's birthday
2007-03-17 At home in West Jordan
2007-03-19 Temple Square
2007-03-23 Grace and Emily silly at home
2007-05-03 Grace performance at Summit Academy in Draper
2007-05-04 At home
2007-05-27 Memorial Day
2007-06-04 at home
2007-08-07 Molly walks
2007-08-11 Molly's birthday at Schultzes (Yermo)
2007-08-29 to 10-14 Brooks Family Snippets
2007-10-29 Wheeler Farm
2007-10-30 At home in West Jordan
2007-11-10 Emily's Birthday Party

2008 At the Englands
2008 Christmas - Pee pee in the potty
2008 Christmas Grace's Performance at Summit Academy
2008 Brooks Family Christmas
2008 Disneyland and Beach
2008 Emily's Birthday Party at Chuck e Cheese
2008 Silent Collage
2008 Sledding
2008 11 Thanksgiving at Grandma Lela's

2009 (early) Camella opera with Andy
2009 Brooks Family Christmas
2009 Emily's Birthday Party
2009 Friends at the Break of Day (music video)
2009 From Temple Square
2009 Brooks Girls Dancing in the Sun Room
2009 Grace's Birthday Party
2009 Grace's Piano Recital
2009 Brooks Kids Snippets
2009 Molly at Grandpa Hardman's playhouse
2009 Molly's Birthday Party
2009 Neighbor Kids Pose in the Sun Room
2009 Visit to Temple Square collage (August)
2009-12-19 Tyler's Birth

2010 Emily Fun Run Eastlake Show and Reading
2010 Grace's Eastlake Elementary Show
2010 Grace's Piano Recitals
2010 Grace's Birthday Party
2010 Kid Snippets
2010 Tour of Temple Square
2010 Tyler's Greatest Hits and Birthday
2010-08-07 Molly's Birthday and Bounce House
2010 12 Christmas Day and Unsworths

2011 Grace's Birthday Party
2011 Grace's Eastlake Performance and Piano Recital
2011 Kid Snippets
2011 Molly's Herriman Mini-Mustang Preschool Graduation
2011 Tyler Snippets
2011-08-09 Molly's Birthday Party at Chuck e Cheese
2011 10 Colorado to visit Lisa Williams
2011-10-24 Emily's Piano Recital
2011-11-11 Emily's Birthday Party
2011 12 Christmas and Grace class caroling
2011 12 (December) Disneyland Trip

2012 Brooks Family Christmas
2012 Brooks Family Snippets (full screen)
2012 Brooks Family Snippets (narrow)
2012 Emily's Play at Eastlake Elementary

2013 Brooks Family Snippets (full screen)
2013 Brooks Family Snippets (narrow)
2013 Emily's Birthday Party
2013 Emily's Show at Eastlake Elementary School
2013 Hawaii - Everything Else
2013 Molly Performances (full screen)
2013 Molly Performances (narrow)
2013 Molly's Birthday Party (narrow)
2013 Molly's Birthday Party (full screen)
2013 Trip to Disneyland and California

2014 Emily's Recital
2014 Molly's Birthday Party
2014 July - Molly and Tyler Puppet Show 
2014 Molly and Emily's Recital
2014 Tyler's School Performances
2014 Brooks Family Snippets

2015-03-06 Basement finished
2015 Emily's Recital
2015 Tyler's Interpretive Dance
2015 Tyler Performs at School
2015 Brooks Family Snippets

2016 Hawaii Trip in June and July
2016 Hawaii video clips (vertical)
2016 Hawaii trip highlights - Brooks family
2016 Brooks Family snippets (landscape)
2016 Brooks Family Snippets (narrow)
2016 Hawaii Trip highlights by Grace
2016 Molly Performances
2016-02-14 Interviews with the children
2016-02-15 Announcement about Disneyland trip with Unsworths
2016-12-22 Tyler's Christmas performance at Eastlake Elementary
2016 Tyler remix: "Don't Mess It Up"
2016 Tyler's PM Kindergarten class

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Samuel Brooks Jr. (1934-2016)

Samuel Brooks Jr. passed away Monday, November 14, 2016. He is a great man. Here are links to events surrounding his passing:

"In Loving Memory" - a video collage tribute of his life.

Video of display items from his viewing.

Obituary links:

Audio of the funeral, which was held Monday, November 21, 2016, at the Sharon Stake Center in Orem, Utah.

A video clip of "God Be with You" sung at the graveside service, which was held at the Salt Lake City Cemetery.

Pictures of the funeral program (click on photos to enlarge):

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Illustrations of Buildings in 19th Century Salt Lake City

Edward Thomas Parry (1859-1938), one of my great-grandfathers, owned a book filled with old illustrations of buildings and sites in Salt Lake City. The book did not have any wording on the cover, and the title page is missing, so I have no clue regarding the origin of the book. There is a beautiful illustration of old Liberty Park.

Click on the first image, then use the arrow keys to scroll through all the pictures: